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The Last Lonely Traveler
- From the Extremes

Gary L. Baker, Esq., M.T. (Retired): Patent Attorney, California Attorney, Process Engineer, Molecular Biologist, Medical Technologist, and Mechanic.
   About Gary Baker
    About "The Last Lonely Traveler" 
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Podcast #1 Introduction: 
Podcast #2 Your Country or Your Smart Phone: 
Podcast #3 Tricks to Baking Breads:  
Podcast #4 Private Piloting Fun and Changes:  
Podcast #5 Auto Mechanics on Old and New Cars:  
Podcast #6 Affirmative Action Cannot Provide "Diversity":  
Podcast #7 Considerations in Patenting Your Invention:  
Podcast #8 Extremes Made Me Write "Last Lonely Traveler":  
Podcast #9 Reckless Annapurna Trek - HTBT Interview:  
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If You Have a Podcast, I Would Be Happy to Have You Interview or Discuss Any Topic, Including:
"The Last Lonely Traveler", Auto Mechanics, Equity, Politics, Medicine, WWII, Music, Food, Piloting Airplanes, Travel, Cultures, My Life, Reality, Religions, History, Physics, Law, Casting Silver, Baking Bread, 240Z Sport Cars, Guitar, U.S. Constitution, Patenting Inventions, Birds, Wilderness, and/or Brewing Beer.

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