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Beef Stroganoff

Gary L. Baker, Esq. Patent Attorney

Quick and Simple, Tastey for About $14


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Yellow Onion - 1/2     Black Pepper - 1/2 tsp.    Garlic Cloves - 5     Beef - 1 lb

Sea Salt - 1/2 tsp.     Mushrooms - 1/2 lb    Wine - 1 cup     Sour Cream - 1 cup

Pasta - 3/4 lb Dry


Strogsaute2.jpg (590405 bytes)

Saute chopped onions, black pepper and sliced garlic.  Add diced beef and continue saute until beef is slightly browned. 

Start heating large pot of salted water.  When water starts to boil, add pasta and cook about 10 to 15 minutes to the texture you like.  Strain cooked pasta and hold hot until the meat and mushroom sauce is ready.

strogmush3.jpg (715607 bytes)   strogwine4.jpg (1535697 bytes)

Add mushrooms and continue saute until ingredients are medium browned.  Add wine to deglaze and stir occasionally until most of the liquid is gone.

strogsc5.jpg (596372 bytes)

Turn heat to lowest setting and add sour cream.  Do not allow sour cream to boil, but fold the sour cream into the hot cooked ingredients. 

strogsauce6.jpg (677131 bytes)

Fold cooked drained pasta into the finished meat/mushroom/cream sauce.  Alternately spoon sauce over pasta on serving plate.

strogtable7.jpg (659910 bytes)


- This meal cooks fast and everyone likes it. 

- Use red wine or white; lite sour cream or full fat sour cream.

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