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Chili Con Carne

Cheap, Forgiving, Quick, Good

Gary L. Baker, Esq. Patent Attorney

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Large pot about $8 for about 30 minutes work.



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Yellow Onion – ½ onion    Garlic – 4 cloves    Oil – 2 tbs.   

Red Pepper Powder – 1 tbs.    Black Pepper – 1/4 tsp.     1 tsp. Brown Sugar

Ground Cumin – 1 tsp.+    Diced Beef – half pound    Beer – 1 can   

Beans – 1 can    Stewed Tomatoes - 1 can    Chili Con Carne – 1 can

This is no Joke.  There is a can of chili in this recipe.  While I was in collage, I wanted to improve the taste of the canned chili I was buying.  At first, I started adding a little extra meat.   Then, I started sautéing onions with the meat before adding the can of chili.   Eventually, I concocted a quick mix of easy ingredients to make a large pot of good chili  for my family ...

You can not make a mistake.  All ingredients are optional and can be added in varying amounts to taste. 

Sauté the diced half onion and garlic cloves in oil with pepper powder and cumin.  You could add 2 tbs. of flour to fry in the oil to form a sauce thickener (roux). 

chilisaute.JPG (20301 bytes)

When the onions are slightly browned.  Add the beef and sauté until the beef is browned.  Add tomatoes.

chilisaute2.JPG (16225 bytes)

Add the can of beans and the can of chili.

chilibeans.JPG (41658 bytes)

Pour in the can of beer.

chilibeer.JPG (28374 bytes)

Simmer at low heat for half an hour.

Taste test - If it needs salt, add a little sea salt to taste.   A teaspoon of brown sugar can help round out the flavor.


The recipe is not too expensive and is quick to make.  What I like about this recipe is it takes a can of ordinary chili and gives you the chance to expand it and adjust it to taste. 

- Buy a chuck roast for $4-5/pound, dice as much as you want for your chili, freeze remaining roast in  thick slices for later use in other meals.

- The red pepper can be mild or hot; more or less than a tablespoon.  I like to use a large amount of mild pepper powder (like pasilla, ancho, chile negro) for color and flavor, plus a teaspoon or so of a somewhat hotter pepper (like California, or a couple of shakes of Tapatio).

- The cumin is far better tasting if you buy cumin seeds and grind it fresh yourself in a spinning blade coffee grinder. 

- The beans can be canned black beans or pinto beans.  I like to add a can of garbanzo beans.  Usually it is best to rinse the beans to remove indigestible bean sugars that cause gas.


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