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Pilot Communications from a Class C Airport to a

Non-Towered Airport and Back*

Most communications are easy.  When you initiate a communication, say 1) Who you are (N632CA); 2) What you are (Cessna 172/alpha); Where you are (Over Salinas with information Oscar); and, What you want (Landing in Monterey).  

I. Leaving Oakland after receiving information Tango on ATIS:

a. Pilot - Oakland Ground.  This is 1658Foxtrot, a Cessna 172 slash Alpha, at Kaiser Air with Tango, VFR to Rio Vista, Request 27 right.

b. Ground – Cessna 1658Foxtrot.  Depart runway 27 right, remain at or below 2000, squawk 0342.

c. Pilot – 27 right, at or below 2000, squawk 0342. wax pieces

d. Pilot at runway 27R after run up and change to tower frequency - Oakland tower, this is 1658Foxtrot, ready to depart 27 right.

e. Tower – 58Foxtrot. Hold at 27 right.

f. Pilot – Hold at 27 right. 58Foxtrot.

g. Tower – 58Foxtrot.  Cleared to depart 27 right.  Turn beyond runway 33 and avoid Alameda .  Proceed up Nimitz Freeway at or below 2000.

h. Pilot – Cleared for 27 right.  Up the Nimitz at or below 2000.

i. Tower with Pilot one mile out – 58Foxtrot.  Say altitude.

j. Pilot – 800 and climbing.  58Foxtrot.

k. Tower with Pilot about 4 miles out – 58Foxtrot.  Contact NorCal Approach 120.9er

l. Pilot – Contact NorCal 120.9er

m. Pilot after changing frequency – NorCal.  This is 1658Foxtrot, 2000 [feet].

n. NorCal – Ok to proceed with normal VFR navigation.

o. Pilot – Proceed with VFR navigation.  58Foxtrot.

p. NorCal, once Pilot is outside congested area – 58Foxtrot.  Radar services terminated. Squawk VFR.

q. Pilot – Squawk VFR.  Thanks.   58Foxtrot.

II. Approaching Rio Vista Airport (no tower, obtain AWOS before calling):

a. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F 10 miles southwest 4000 descending to over fly Rio Vista, requesting airport advisory.

b. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F overhead 2000 Rio Vista .

Rio Vista Field c. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F outbound to the North Rio Vista.

d. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F inbound 2 miles north, descending to TPA for a right 45 approach runway 25 Rio Vista.

e. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F entering right 45 runway 25 Rio Vista.

f. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F entering right downwind runway 25 Rio Vista.

g. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F entering right base runway 25 Rio Vista.

h. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F entering final runway 25 Rio Vista.

i. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F off runway 25 Rio Vista.

j. [When ready to leave] Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F taxiing to runway 25 Rio Vista.

k. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F on runway 25 "for a right downwind departure, Rio Vista" or "for pattern work runway 25 Rio Vista".

l. Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F upwind runway 25: i) making straight out departure west (go to III) … or ii) making right closed traffic.

m. If staying in the pattern - Rio Vista Traffic, Cessna 58F entering right cross wind Rio Vista (go to II.f., above).


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III. Returning to Oakland :

a. Pilot after obtaining ATIS Gulf and tuning NorCal frequency – NorCal Approach.  1658Foxtrot, a Cessna 172 slash alpha, 10 miles north at 4000, landing at Oakland with Gulf.

b. NorCal – Cessna 1658Foxtrot.  Approach over the Mormon Temple at or above two-thousand five-hundred for runway 27 right. Squawk 0346.

c. Pilot – At or above 2500 over the Mormon Temple for 27 right; squawk 0346.

d. NorCal with pilot about 5 miles out from Oakland – 1658Foxtrot.  Contact Oakland Tower at 118.3.

e. Pilot – Contact Oakland Tower at 118.3.

f. Pilot after changing frequency – Oakland tower.  1658Foxtrot, two-thousand seven-hundred.

g. Oakland tower – 1658Foxtrot.  Make right traffic.  Cleared to land runway 27 right.

h. Pilot – Cleared to land 27 right. 58Foxtrot.

i. Pilot after landing, clearing runway and changing frequency – Oakland Ground.  1658Foxtrot, off of 27 right at Echo, request taxi to Kaiser Air.

j. Oakland Ground – 58Foxtrot.  Cleared to taxi to Kaiser Air.

k. Pilot – Taxi to Kaiser Air.  Thanks, 58Foxtrot.

* This example is not to be relied on for communications with your particular airport.  If you have suggestions to correct or improve this page, please e-mail me.  Thanks.

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